IoT Connectivity Solutions

IoT stakeholders looking for connectivity solutions include radio and chipset manufacturers, platform vendors, device manufacturers, and companies in various industries that purchase IoT-enabled products for their own use or for sale to the public. These companies can now choose from over 30 different connectivity options with different bandwidth, range, cost, reliability, and network management features. This wide variety, combined with ever-evolving technology requirements, creates a dilemma. If stakeholders bet on one connectivity option and the other becomes dominant, IoT devices, applications, and solutions can quickly become obsolete. If they hesitate to see how the connectivity environment evolves, they may lag behind more aggressive competitors.

Your Digital Solutions System Integrator

CSIP solutions offer a network and device independent Internet of Things platform to build intelligent systems from connected objects across a wide variety of industry verticals. In this way, in your IoT projects, you will have the opportunity to choose the solution architecture that is completely suitable for your needs independent of communication.

Roaming Standalone Solutions with Access to Global Networks

Why is 0G important when Globally Scalable 5G is already on its way? 0G and 5G technology do not compete directly, neither can replace the other. As technology evolves, the world becomes heavily dependent on the ultra-high speed and bandwidth provided by 5G, while 0G acts as a safety net to keep us connected at all times. The fourth industrial revolution will be marked by the adoption of the massive Internet of Things, and the entire connectivity spectrum from 0G to 5G will be complete.