What role will smart measuring systems play in the future?

Smart Metering is an Internet of Things (IoT) solution that responds to the need to measure media consumption remotely and automatically. Initially it was only concerned with electricity meters, now it includes meters of water, gas, heat and other services, whose consumption must be constantly monitored. The system architecture, which creates a ready-made solution for urban infrastructure development needs, also includes concepts of smart city and Industry 4.0 creation.

  • IoT meter reading and communication preference
  • Analytical data output with energy efficiency
  • Machine learning and Learning platform
  • Loss / Leak Solution with Anomaly detection

Energy production, distribution and use are becoming more efficient and sustainable with the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT enabled sensors, devices, and data analytics add smart features to equipment and provide operational insights; This enables energy companies to dynamically manage their assets, reduce maintenance and transmission costs, and improve worker safety. Intel's interoperable, secure and scalable industrial computers and software components are driving the advancement of smart energy.

Energy efficiency

Energy management is a disciplined work that is structured and organized for efficient use of energy without sacrificing quality, reliability or environmental conditions and without reducing production. The basic principle of energy management is to increase energy efficiency, minimize the amount of energy consumed without hindering economic development and social welfare, and without hindering the reduction of the quality and performance of existing energy losses.

  • Energy Efficiency Platform
  • Data analytics and Energy Management
  • Integration with 3rd party Applications
  • Machine learning and alarm management
  • Global project experience
  • Counter module design
  • Consultancy
  • System security