Value Chain Services We Offer

Data Analytics with CSIP IoT Platform

CSIP, a new generation continuous learning IoT platform development tool, offers a unique experience thanks to the machine learning algorithms it contains.

IoT and Digitalization Analysis

Process and editing services with sectoral experience teams that analyze IoT, Digitalization and Industry x.0 processes.

Digital Twin

Digital twin is defined as the virtual model of the real-world behavior of a physical product or service and the results it generates. In simpler terms, the digital twin; it is a virtual model of the process, product or service.

About Us

For your projects; We produce ideas, solutions and results.

With the production vision of the future, a new production environment will be created with interconnected production machines and human interaction, and manufacturers, researchers and governments will work together to build the digital factories of the future. The "Connected System" team is your greatest assistant in choosing the right solutions and technologies you need for digital transformation, thanks to their experience in telecommunications and technology for the past 20 years.

  • International experience
  • Integration and engineering
  • Flexible structure and 3rd party applications
  • Vertical markets and field experience
about us

Real-time Technologies

“Connected System” designs and develops Flow Analysis and Integration software for any Edge, On-Premise or Cloud. CSIP Platform provides real-time processing of streaming or batch data for Industrial and classic IoT, Data Conversion, Analytics, Automation and Integration.

  • IoT Project Consulting
  • IoT & EDGE Platform As a Services
  • Digital Twin
  • Anomaly Detection & Machine Learning